Two Paths as One

In the moment of trial
Two paths will be as one

While we are tempted to regard the lives of warriors, mercenaries, assassins, mariners, soldiers, prisoners, slaves, and madmen as less important than the lives of those regarded as great or noble or holy by this world, we do well to recall that the great, the noble, and the holy are few, self-concerned, passing, and keen that others might perceive their value. Let us not disturb them, Friends, and let us not imitate them. Ours is not reward, recompense, or achievement so easily earned or so lightly regarded.

Brother will be as Father
And Father as Friend

What began as a family of blood has become a family of spirit. From time immemorial, some small number of our kind have dedicated themselves to an impossible task and in so doing become family to one another. They have often remained, to outward appearance, that which they were before: beggar, farmer, courtesan, merchant, slave, monk, spouse, teacher, thief, and so on; from many peoples and nations; some following this god or that, others following none at all; at times warring with one another, at times living in peace. Yet all consecrated to a single purpose.

The way forward
Is the path of return

A family of blood alone or name alone or appearance alone might easily perish from existence, by chance or by design. But a family of spirit endures. So long as there is life in this place we inhabit and call the world, a family of spirit can endure. But more wondrously, a family of spirit has the power to endure beyond what we understand as the world, beyond what we know as life. For us, our experience of life is as a twig or reed, whether short or long, but for some life is as water or wind or light, flowing and never ending, limitless and without boundaries — or so it seems from our vantage. Yet they are family to us and we to them. How strange and beautiful the mystery!

~BT Waldbillig
December  9, 2016

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