On the Origin of a Spiritual Family

Brother follows brother to the end of the world
The beloved leading her first love to the bedchamber

Sister leads sister back to the beginning of all things
A dog faithful to the source of a hidden path

A spiritual family is known in perfect silence
A single precious jewel adorning the crown

A spiritual family’s love is known in the moment of trial
Neither seeking reward nor casting punishment

Thus the many children know they are of one family
Dwelling together in the place of the empty heart

The place of nothing is the dwelling of all things
It is no cup filled to overflowing

A spiritual family’s love issues forth for all
As a mother loves each child as her only

Here father and son rejoice together equally
At the return of a lost brother

Passing beyond their own love and hate
They become infinite and eternal

The love of a spiritual family knows no bounds
It is the matriarch of many children

A spiritual family’s love is unfailing
It is the friend who dwells in equanimity

The first father and the final daughter are incomplete
Until they pass beyond last and first

Thus the spiritual family arises
Now in this very moment

The empty heart knows unbounded joy
The empty heart knows pain beyond words

Let us dwell together as a family
For the way forward is also the path of return

~BT Waldbillig
February 6, 2017

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