The Return of the Father

When the Maiden ceased her laughter
And the Wolf Pup settled at his feet
The Forest Boy held high his staff
And silence fell upon the meadow
Where the tall grass and yellow flowers
Keep watch with the Sparrows
To honor the tears that dropped from his cheek
As stars sometimes fall from the heavens
Only then could the Forest Boy
Lay down the staff and put aside his sadness
But faster than a mighty stag the Wolf Pup
Seized the staff and made his way
Along a hidden path
Through the meadow beyond the tall grass
To the place where no yellow flowers should grow
Though the Sparrows know better
The Wolf Pup looked to the heavens
In that time between dream and dawn
When Sol and Luna meet for but a moment
To look upon their creation
Then they began to appear
First one from under a fallen tree
Another from behind the barren rocks
Some seemed to rise from the earth itself
Or burst forth from the lake of crystal light
And as the last one came forth
The Wolf was no more a pup
But mother and protector of her every litter
Through the darkness and quiet of night
They gathered around her
And fed until each was sated
And warm beneath her body
Even as sleep took each one
And they left the place of awakening
For the land beyond all dreaming
Each knowing the perfect love of a mother
Love beyond all dreaming
One by one the stars appeared
Sentries protecting a sacred place
Beyond numbering, each more beautiful
Than the last
And when the Forest Boy opened his eyes
To the first light of dawn
He found himself alone
Gone was the Innocent Maiden
To whom stags and bulls bow
Gone was the Wolf Pup
In whose honor warriors knot their hair
So the Forest Boy looked to Sol on high
And he rejoiced
Then the Sparrows gathered to lead his way
Back through the meadow
Beyond the tall grass and yellow flowers
And when at last he arrived home
He was no more a boy
But a Father
Returning to many sons and daughters
Who gathered around him like so many pups
Eager to see their Father
Eager to see their Mother
They sat around the hearth
And silence fell upon the house
As he told them stories
More beautiful than any dream
Stories only a Mother can tell
But he had become the Father
Beyond fathers
Beyond mothers
He had become the Friend
The one who walks among us even today
And if you watch carefully
You will see him among the trees
Swiftly following the faithful Dog
Together stalking the mighty Stag
Together hunting the raging Bull
To offer as sacrifice
In the hidden place of light and water
Where the memory still abides
Though few know it
That place of empty lands
And undiscovered woods

Therefore, I say this to you:

Together let us journey to that place
For there is much to discover
The dwelling place where once
There was a boy and a pup like no other
The place where he rests
There they  offer sacrifice as to a god
There they refresh themselves in cool waters
There you, too, will travel one day
When you are no longer children
There you will offer sacrifice on behalf
Of your Father
There you will know
That you are loved
And so long as your love endures
That place will endure
Your Father, too, will endure
Just as his Master endures
Just as your children endure
And take refuge under a mighty tree
The sacred tree that arose from a shepherd boy’s staff
In a grove that offers refuge from all sorrow
Where children and pups and sparrows
Fish and insects and serpents
Even creatures of darkest night
Gather no longer in silence
They gather there
To sing wondrous songs
To tell stories more fantastical than fables
In that place where all discover
That they waited for no god or titan
For no father or mother or lost friend
They waited for each other
For they were always

The People of the Great Heart

~BT Waldbillig
June 19, 2017




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