As a Child Rushing Forth to Greet the Father

When I was boy, my father would rise before everyone else and then sit at the top step of our home’s upper floor and wait for me to wake up. I would rush from my bedroom, give my father a hug, and then climb on his back so we could go down to the kitchen and eat breakfast together. Later in life when I was a teenager and slept as late as possible every morning, my father would hand me a cup of hot coffee as soon as I entered the kitchen.

I hold these memories as sacred for they left in my mind and heart an indelible reminder that someone important to me loves me with all his being. Life in recent years has been difficult. Sorrow and despair were the paving stones of the path I chose to follow. I have no regrets.

Today as I wandered lost in a dark wood, a light from above shone upon me, guiding my steps to a great meadow where friends were waiting. I had lost the path but in a moment of grace, all was regained. One day when I return to the meadow there will be yet more friends gathered together in joyful expectation.

Two years ago I wrote about a dream I had, the one I call “A Vision of Green Light”. There was a second dream that followed upon it, and this latter “vision” occurred three times in Highbridge Park. At the first experience, I beheld beings standing side-to-side all along the edge of the meadow. When they began to walk toward me, I was frightened and ran away. At the second experience when the beings began to walk toward me, I stood still, frightened but hopeful. At the final experience, I myself walked toward the beings to greet them.

In that moment I thought on my father. How blessed I was to have someone who would wait for me. How blessed I am to have someone who still greets me with strength and tenderness, above all in those moments when I desperately need strength and tenderness. Reaching backward in time to the place of my childhood, I can already feel my heart soften and my resolve become stronger than stone or steel.

There is always a father among us.

Adsumus! Adsumus! Adsumus!

~BT Waldbillig
July 1, 2017

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